Manuel Sabin

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I am a Frontend-Leaning Full Stack Developer currently expanding my toolkit at the Recurse Center!

I enjoy making things that are interactive, educational, and pretty, and I always relish moments when my extensive theory background becomes relevant to a project. This has made it particularly fun to code Music Software, Digital Signal Processing, and Photo Processing tools!

Here's a few select projects that will change often during my stay at the Recurse Center:

Screencap of the 
          rhythmonics project with an old-school console aesthetic and pastel pink
          and aquamarine colors.

rhythmonics : ( demo )

Interactive sound toy demonstrating the relationship between polyrhythms and harmony!

Tools: Python, pygame library, NumPy library

Screencap of the waveformr
          project displaying a histogram of frequencies shaped vaguely like a 
          city skyline.

waveformr : ( app )

A visual, interactive digital oscillator that allows you to sculpt your own waveforms by drawing them in the time domain or the frequency domain.
You can play your sounds on your keyboard or a MIDI piano!

Tools: React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web Audio API, Web MIDI API

Screencap of the chordinate
          app displaying a virtual keyboard with some keys highlighted with different colors as multiple users interact with the app.

chordinate : ( app ) - In Progress

A communal virtual keyboard as a remote tutoring tool for piano and music theory!
Use your computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

Tools: Express.js, Node.js,, React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web Audio API, Web MIDI API

More coming soon!

I'm currently at the Recurse Center and will be posting some fun projects I've been working on as my time wraps there!